P U B L I C  A R T

The Poster Project: A group of Creative Response artists conceptualized, designed and prepared wearable placards for vigils held by Women Against the Occupation (Thursdays outside the Israeli Consulate, Bloor West and Avenue Road). We are making these posters available as downloadable PDF files. Feel free to use them. And do e-mail us please to keep us posted.

The Scrolls Project: Creative Response - Public Art - facilitated the writing of messages to the Government of Israel as part of its participation in the events related to the 35th anniversary of the 1967 occupation. The messages, hand-written by vigil participants, were collected on 7 large sheets of paper that were rolled into scrolls upon completion, and delivered to the Israeli Consulate by volunteers from the crowd.

Pride Parade: Creative Response artists participated in the Pride Parade in Toronto on June 31, 2002, as part of the contingent under the banner "People Not Profit - A Thousand Colours of Resistance," along with Glamorous Outcasts, Al-Awda Canada, Al-Fatiha, Salaam, and many other organizations. We carried signs specifically designed for the occasion (downloadable versions and images to be posted soon). The crowd's reception was quite supportive and encouraging.